The ‘Essential Backgrounder’ Series

IYP: VITAL BACK-GROUNDER #1 – Finance (Stocks & Stuff)

Warm up, ready for our new programme. If you want to know more about how the economy actually works in less than 30 minutes, who better to learn it from than the legendary Macro Hedge Fund master himself, Ray Dalio.

IYP: VITAL BACK-GROUNDER #2 – Finance (Stocks & Stuff)

More pre-loading, ready for our new programme. Ever wondered what is meant by the balance sheet?
☛ It’s simply a way of looking at the financial state of a company at a specific point in time.
☛ It’s a way of showing what is owned (assets) and what is owed (liabilities) by a company.
✸ To help you see the balance sheet, here’s a 60-second video from Investopedia showing you all you need to know!


Front office jobs in Finance can sound complicated, but no more! You can generalise finance jobs to four key brackets: accounting, corporate finance, investment banking and investments. ☛ Accounting is all about bookkeeping and advising companies on how to manage their accounts.
☛ Corporate finance is about working in a specific company and handling their own accounts, and inspecting their recent cash purchases and expenditures.
☛ Investment banking can be broken down into working with large corporations and high net worth clients, whether that be through building financial reports (equity research) or advising companies on whether to pursue a deal or not (Mergers & Acquisitions), alongside the bank’s sales and trading divisions.
☛ Investments are about advising clients on how to handle their assets and risk, and taking responsibility for mutual/client funds.
✸ To help you understand front office jobs in finance, here’s a 10 minute video from ‘the finance major’ showing you all you need to know!


Have you ever heard of “Tech Consulting”?
☛ Tech Consulting has many different aspects, including tech strategy and software implementation.
☛ Often, the purpose of a tech consultant is to deliver results on outsourced work from clients who do not have the capacity or expertise to complete their projects.
☛ The advantages of any consulting roles include travel as well as paid expenses and the chance to try out different industries and develop your industry knowledge.

To help you understand what tech consulting is all about, here’s a video from a tech consultant at Accenture, who discusses the several functions of her role, why and why not it may be a good fit for you and what experiences you can have!


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