RCSA Young Professionals

Variously known as Young Professionals’ Network (YPN), Imperial Young Professionals (IYP) or, as we prefer to call it, the RCSA Young Professionals (RCSA-YP).

IYP / RCSA-YP is a community of ex-Imperial mentors and undergrads, creating a network through career mentorship and socials. To date, we’ve held dozens of career workshops and mentored Imperial undergraduates to land some of the most coveted roles in Finance, Consulting & Tech.

Available to Imperial students/alumni mentors only. Not affiliated with Imperial College or Imperial College Union.

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History: The earliest incarnation, the Young Professionals Network, was the brainchild of two young undergraduate chemists….Dongwhi Kim and Nas Andriopoulos. They created a vibrant mentoring environment for fellow chemists. It wasn’t long until this nascent organisation expanded outside of the chemistry department and the RCSA Young Professionals was born. The benefits for young students making their first steps towards employment were enormous, so it was hard to deprive non-scientists of the benefits. So the RCSA tag was dropped and ‘Imperial Young Professionals’ resulted. Dongwhi and Nas were Secretary and President respectively of the IYP. Those battons then passed to Mike McGill and Sully Mughal respectively, and most recently, (back) to Dongwhi and to Chris Haigh.

Member Benefits: Members of the RCSA receive membership of the RCSA Young Professionals entirely free of charge. It is just a matter of entering your RCSA membership number, which is also your CID, into the application form. 

Binge Watching Materials: We strongly recommend you sign up for a scaffolded programme from the IYP. But if the timing doesn’t suit, of if you prefer to binge-watch, you will find some of the IYP materials available here…… 

The ‘Essential Backgrounder’ Series. A handful of short videos specially curated to kick off our IYP programme. They provide an introduction to the concepts and terminology of finance, consultancy and tech.

The Application Academy. A Series of six YouTube videos prepared by IYP

    • IYP Application Strategy (Finance & Consulting)

    • IYP CV Workshop (Finance & Consulting)

    • IYP Application Questions & Cover Letters (Finance & Consulting

    • IYP Application Tests (Finance & Consulting)

    • IYP Interview Skills – Preparation & Motivational Questions (Finance & Consulting)

    • IYP Interview Skills – Competency Questions (Finance & Consulting)

An invaluable resource when applying for Spring weeks, Summer Internships and Grad schemes.