Trust Application Guidance

Guidance for Applicants for a Grant from the RCSA Trust

  1. All applications will be treated as confidential by the Board and the Trust’s secretariat.
  2. Please note that the Trust Board meets only once during each term to consider, amongst other things, applications for grants. We recommend applications are submitted at least one month before the date of the meeting to enable the Secretary to obtain references and then to circulate applications and supporting material to members of the Board. The dates can be obtained from our web page.
  3. This form may be submitted electronically or sent as an email attachment to
  4. It is likely that the applicant or the referee (or both) will be asked to attend the meeting at which the application is to be considered. This will depend on the nature and classification of the application. Applicants should discuss their application with their referee and ensure that he or she is willing and available to attend and has a copy of all supporting documentation attached to this form.
  5. The Trustees are permitted by the Trust deed to make grants for the following purposes:
    1. The provision of scholarships and financial assistance to persons who having become students at the RCS would be unable without such scholarships or financial assistance to continue their studies at the College.
    2. The provision of scholarships and financial assistance to enable students and, in special circumstances, members of the academic staff at the RCS to pursue in the UK or elsewhere studies which are likely to be of educational value in relation to or as supplementary to the work of the College.
    3. The sponsorship of research for students of the RCS and in particular the provision of specialist equipment for post-graduate research by such students and to publish the useful results of such research.
    4. The provision of amenities and facilities for students of the RCS through the medium of the RCS Union.
    5. The provision of amenities and facilities for students of the ICST&M (of which the RCS forms part) through the medium of the Student Union known as the IC Union, being amenities and facilities in which students of the RCS can share.
    6. For such other lawful things as are necessary for the attainment of the above objects.
  6. Applicants are reminded that the form should be completed as fully as possible to enable the Trust Board to make an informed decision about each individual application. Please include supporting documentation and note that we may be unable to assist you unless a full budget is provided.
  7. It may help applicants to know that over the past few years, the Trust has made grants up to £400 per RCS student.
  8. We need to know how to pay any amounts that are awarded. For example, if you are applying on behalf of an expedition, please give the name of your expedition here (exactly as it appears in your Expedition Proposal to the Exploration Board). We can then make payment via the Exploration Board. If you are applying on behalf of a College club or society, then give the name of the club or society here. We can then make payment via Imperial College Union (the Union will probably wish to raise an invoice for the payment but don’t let that worry you, we will get help with that from the DPFS and/or DPCS). Otherwise, what we need here will normally just be your name.
  9. Once the completed form has been submitted, supporting materials should be sent as an email attachment to
  10. Further guidance and assistance in completing this form may be obtained from the Secretary at
  11. Finally, we would like to wish you luck in your application and hope you are successful.