The RCSA currently has around 1,000 members throughout the world. If you studied, or are currently studying, at the Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine or if you are a current or former member of staff in any of the Departments of Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Maths or Physics, or the old departments of Geology (in its RCS days), Botany or Zoology then you are eligible to join the Association.

The main aim of the RCSA is to provide a network that allows past and present members of the Royal College of Science to remain in contact.

Members of the RCSA receive mailings approximately three times a year. These mailings provide news of the Association including events.

If you wish to join the RCSA, or if you wish to change your current details or your membership type, then please click here to go to the membership forms. Just print out the relevant form, complete it and return it to the address indicated on the form. Alternatively, you can click here to set up a direct debit for annual membership.

Membership Rates

Membership TypeRate
Annual Membership£10 per annum
Life Membership£200 or 10 x annual installment of £25
Life Membership aged 60 or over£70

(Membership rates correct as of October 2019.)

Member Benefits

The Royal Over-Seas League

The RCSA has a corporate relationship with ROSL, which is headquartered in London’s St James’ precinct.

Club Quarters

In 2014/5 the RCSA struck up a new relationship with Club Quarters, and international network of day and night facilities similar to, but not like-for-like, replacement for the demise of the NCC membership that we enjoyed. Club Quarters describes themselves as ’boutique’ business hotelier services and are common in the UK and United States of America.

The New Cavendish Club

The RCS Association was a long-standing Corporate Member of the NCC, however, in 2014 the Club declined to renew its lease of its headquarters just of Oxford Street and opted to close, merging its membership with another London Club, the Naval & Military Club. After consideration of the kind offer to transfer the RCSA’s corporate membership, the AGM in 2014 recommended to the Committee to seek an alternative arrangement. The AGM directed the Committee that the new arrangement be closely monitored for a few years.

New Scientist

Members benefit from a 35% discount on subscriptions to New Scientist. Click here to subscribe. The rates are:

  • UK – £79 (normal rate £123)
  • Europe – €129 (normal rate €199)
  • ROW – $157 (normal rate $243)
  • USA – $91 (normal rate $140)
  • Canada – C$118 (normal rate C$182)

Alternatively call the New Scientist’s hotline on 08456 731 731 and quote the promotion code 2702.

Membership Card

We will soon activate a way that you can request a replacement (or new) membership card. The RCSA Membership Card will enable you to provide valid identification to access ICU and other facilities at College.

For Students

If you are a postgraduate or undergraduate student of the Royal College of Science (the science departments, research groups and centres) you can join by submitting an application form or by emailing the Secretary and requesting an application. If you are another student at Imperial College (e.g. medical, engineer, miner or business student), you can apply to join as an associate member – associate members will need to have their application supported by two current Members of the RCSA.

Click here to go to the membership forms

Click here to set up a direct debit