The Royal College of Science Association (RCSA) was set up in 1907 and is a Chapter under the Imperial College Association umbrella comprising the former students from the Departments of Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics (collectively termed the “Royal College of Science”) at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, which is a large College within the University of London in the UK.

The first President was the author H G Wells, whose books include The Time Machine and War of the Worlds.


The Kangela Armadola

A traditional song apparently sung back in the day – originating in 1950 and still going in the 1980s. (Apparently derived from a Zulu fertility chant – maybe you’ll get lucky…)

Exec member ONLY:
Ladies and Gentlemen of the RCS,
Are you in good voice?
Exec member: Then let’s have a KANGELA!
Kangela Armadola
Kangela Armadola
Kangela Armadola
Teia, Teia, Teia,
Pakamisso, Pakamisso,
Inkangala, Kubinala,
Watsi, R.C.S.

Past Presidents

Below is a list of all of the Presidents of the Royal College of Science Association from H G Wells in 1909 to the current President.

1909-1910Mr H G Wells
1910-1911Sir Thomas Holland K.C.S.I., K.C.I.E., F.R.S.
1911-1912Sir Alexander Pedler C.I.E., F.R.S.
1912-1913Sir William Crookes O.M., F.R.S.
1913-1914Dr A E H Hutton F.R.S.
1914-1919Professor H E Armstrong F.R.S.
1919-1922Sir Richard Gregory Bart., F.R.S.
1922-1924Professor L Bairstow C.B.E., F.R.S.
1924-1926Sir Herbert Wright
1926-1928Professor J W Hinchley
1928-1930Mr J Whitehead K.C.
1930-1932Sir Gilbert Morgan O.B.E., F.R.S.
1932-1934Professor J C Philip O.B.E., F.R.S.
1934-1936Professor W W Watts F.R.S.
1936-1938Instructor Rear-Admiral Sir Arthur E Hall K.B.E., C.B.
1938-1946Lt-Colonel P C Bull D.S.O.
1946-1948Dr H J T Ellingham
1948-1950Mr J F Ronca O.B.E.
1950-1952Assistant Professor H R Hewer
1952-1954Mr F P Dunn
1954-1956Professor H V A Briscoe
1956-1958Dr E H T Hoblyn M.B.E.
1958-1960Dr L A Jordon C.B.E.
1960-1962Mr A A Eldridge
1962-1964Mr M Bogod
1964-1966Professor D M Newitt M.C., F.R.S.
1966-1969Mr A P Buchanan
1969-1972Dr R W B Stephens
1972-1975Dr J D Kendall
1975-1977Mr W L Hewlett
1977-1979Professor W K Hayman F.R.S.
1979-1981Dr A C C Newman
1981-1983Dr B Atkinson
1983-1985Mr P Coaker
1985-1987Dr L L Katan
1987-1989Professor J F Levy
1989-1991Mr B F Middleton
1991-1993Mr M D C Campbell
1993-1996Mrs C Nuttall
1996-1998Mr K Arundale
1998-2002Mr MC Black
2002-2007Dr D L James
2007-2012Mr J Sanderson
2012-2017Mr R J Park M.R.I.
2017-Mr M. S. Dulloo