The RCSA are delighted to announce these Ellingham Awards, instituted in 2023, and named for the late Harold Johann Thomas ‘Tom’ Ellingham.

The RCSA propose to fund 35 awards, each of £20, which will allow an RCS student who is already receiving hardship support to attend an RCS or RCSA formal dinner at a reduced price. The awards will be administered by the RCSU president who will allocate awards by ballot from those qualifying students who apply.

More awards, or fewer awards, or larger awards may be made as funds allow.

‘Tom’ Ellingham was born in London in 1897 and died, aged 78, in 1975. Tom studied chemistry at the Royal College of Science from 1914 to 1916 and then went off as part of the Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force to Iraq from 1917 to 1919 with the Royal Engineers. He returned to College and was promoted from demonstrator to lecturer in 1922 and to a reader in 1937 and, very unusually, became a lecturer to all three constituent colleges.… Read more...

RCSA Saves the Day

By rescuing a piece of IC Union history, the RCSA truly have ‘saved the day’. One of the two large tables in the Union Bar, both of which are ‘dripping with history’, was desperately in need of repair. At any time, a slice of the table-top, about a fifth if it, was about to break away. And two of the table legs, despite looking the epitome of robustness, were on the verge of dropping off.

With the Union strapped for cash and bogged down with their ‘back to basics’ agenda, it was the College Archivist, Anne Barrett, who put us in touch with her favourite restorer/conservator. And it was the new RCSA Exec who completed the jigsaw puzzle by coming up with the all-important funding.

RCSA President, Mike Munroe, commented…. “considering the amount of time we have all spent chatting over, drinking at and, yes… dancing on that table over the years, it seems only fitting that Alumni should get involved.Read more...

William RANDERSON Awards

We are delighted to launch the William RANDERSON Awards for RCS Union officers.

These awards are made automatically to nominated officers of the RCS Union and of the RCS Motor Club to assist them with the additional expense incurred in discharging their duties.

These awards were presented for the first time this year (the 2022/23 academic year), and are named for the late William Randerson, who was studying Chemistry in the Royal College of Science 100 years ago. He was RCSU Hon Sec in 1921/22 and was RCSU President in 1922/23. He was instrumental in instigating the ‘22 Club of which he became a founder member and was ’22 President for 1924-25. William worked tirelessly for the RCSA and was a significant contributor to many issues of The Record. We are happy to remember Will’s long and dedicated service to RCSU, Imperial College, the ’22 Club, and of course to the RCSA.… Read more...