Glittering and Steamy Night in West London!

What an evening!? The dust is only just settling after the fantastic joint RCSA and RCS Motor Club (RCSMC) dinner at the London Museum of Water and Steam (LMWS) last Saturday evening 23rd March. A lively group of students, alumni, faculty and guests gathered for the RCSA 116th and the RCSMC 69th anniversary dinners for what was in all likelihood their first ever joint dinner! The venue itself was spectacular with the largest collection of steam engines in the world as well as associated historical displays forming the backdrop for an evening of fine food, fine wines and scintillating conversation followed by two very entertaining guest speakers! Some of the steam engines were operational during the event as well, adding to the atmosphere (quite literally!!)

The Dean of RCS (or Dean of FoNS if you want to be terribly modern), Professor Richard Craster was in attendance with his wife Bernadette and he provided a delightful insight into his undergrad and postgrad days studying maths at Imperial. His talk included a reference to his scientific paper on the Mathematics of Darts which had the members of the RCSA darts team in the audience frantically making notes on napkins! The Dean led a toast to the RCS and the RCSA at the end of his speech. [...] Read more...

Celebrate with the youngsters

You are very welcome to celebrate with the youngsters (though perhaps you still ARE a youngster!)

The RCSU are delighted to extend an ‘invitation to party’ to all RCSA members and their friends. The youngsters are celebrating with anyone and everyone who is graduating that Commemoration Day and you are most welcome to join them. The party takes place at Infernos, Clapham from 9pm on Wednesday the 18th October. Tickets are just £6.00.

You can click here for tickets and further details…..  (you can create an account here…. or click on the head and shoulder avatar at top right. There are a few ‘trip hazards’ when purchasing from the Union… check out our top tips here….).

We are promised lively DJs, a generous happy hour, and a 100% takeover of one of the most renowned clubs in London.

Unmissable! Hope to see you there. [...]

CEP and the RCSA

The name, ‘The Centre for Environmental Policy’ or CEP for short, came into existence eighteen years ago in 2005, but its history can be traced all the way back to 1976 and the formation of ICCET – the Centre for Environmental Technology. So, a mere fifty years too late, we think it is about time we formally welcomed all CEP students, alumni and staff into the RCSA.

CEP is a postgraduate-only department which focuses on the interface between science and policy in key environmental subjects, through interdisciplinary study of science, technology and innovation. There are several such interdisciplinary groups within College, but CEP was the first, and it sits firmly within the Royal College of Science (or FoNS if you prefer modern parlance) and we are immensely proud of what they are achieving and the work they do.

This is how CEP describe themselves:

The Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) is a unique interdisciplinary Department in the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Imperial College conducting policy-focused fundamental and applied research to solve environmental and sustainability issues.

Environmental policy safeguards our natural world. It provides tangible and measurable strategies for government, corporations, other public and private organizations, and individuals to plan for a future in which people and nature can thrive together.

[...]