No.3: RCSU News(letter)

As the Spring term draws to a close we’d like to tell you a little of what the students are up to.

You’ve heard already about the “Run From Imperial” historic vehicles rally that takes place on 29th April, and for those of you with school-age children, we’ve already pointed out the submission deadline for the RCSU Science Challenge is Monday 17 April 2023 at 17.00.

And there is news on the student election front. Our RCSU President, Trinity Stenhouse, and her Vice President (Activities), Julia Purrinos de Oliveira, have been elected for a second term of office. But there are new faces too: Chloe Lee as VP(Operations) and Kye Bong Choo as Treasurer. And several positions won’t be settled until the Summer elections. The RCSA look forward to working with both new and familiar faces.

You can keep abreast of the activities of the RCSU by reviewing the RCSU Newsletter Issue 3, you can find it by clicking here. [...] Read more...

No.2: RCS Union, having a Ball….

What news from the students of the RCSU you might be wondering? Well, they have an all-new constitution (which seems to be called their ‘standing orders’ these days). And a barrage of events you might wish to hear about. With the term all but over, there is only their Spring Ball remaining and it is almost upon us, coming up soon on the 15th March.

Always of interest is the RCSU Science Challenge, and members with school-age children should know the RCS Union opened the competition on Monday 27th February and have declared the submission deadline to be Monday 17 April 2023 at 17.00. If any of your kids decide to get involved, we wish them the best of luck.

Anyone interested in the new RCSU constitution can peruse a copy by clicking here. You, or your youngsters, can find out more about the RCSU Science Challenge by clicking here. And if you are intrigued with the Spring Ball, which is being held in conjunction with the City and Guilds Union, or if you’d like a glimpse at the RCSU Spring-Term Newsletter, you can achieve both of those by clicking here. [...] Read more...