Online Purchasing from ICU

Setting up an account:

Probably the best advice is for Association members to attempt to register as alumni on the IC Union website using the ‘Former Imperial College Student or Staff Member’ option only if you have your original Imperial CIDs.

If you don’t, or have the magic alumni CIDs that start with a 9 (and are quoted on letters and emails from College), then ICU will not be able to recognise you (not least because they don’t yet have access to the alumni database to look these numbers up). In which case it’s fine for you to use the ‘None of the above’ option, which simply bypasses the logic that attempts to match you up in the membership database and lets you just go ahead and create a website account regardless. You will then be able to complete purchase of products, such as our RCSA events, that do not have any membership requirements..

Should you use the ‘None of the above’ option and have ICU Life Membership, you will need to manually link up your life membership to your account at some point in the future (for example when you want to purchase other products which are member-only etc).

The direct link for the account registration form is:

Anyone requiring assistance creating their account or linking their life membership can contact the Union’s Systems Team directly on, which goes through to Phil and Viktorija, either of whom you will find most helpful.