RCSA Double Eleven Darts

The RCSA have an interest in two darts teams, both of which play in the South Kensington Academic Darts League (SKADL). They are the ORCS, the “Old Royal College of Science” darts team and, recently inaugurated, the “RCSA Double Elevens”.

Both teams play on Monday evenings. ORCS, captained by Duncan Robertson, play their home games at the Ship and Shovell near Charing Cross, and the RCSA Double Elevens, captained by Oscar Farrell, play their home games in the Union Bar. Away games are played in a variety of excellent pubs across London.

Players are always required, so if your Monday evenings are free we’d be absolutely delighted to hear from you, so do get in touch or complete the form below with your contact details of choice:

Double Elevens Signup
(for the WhatsApp group)

The first half of this season’s matches are as follows…

13 May 2024BarbariansImperial College Union Bar
20 May 2024GoodarrowsThe Brown Bear
(139 Leman St, London E1 8EY)
3 Jun 2024PeacemakersImperial College Union Bar
17 Jun 2024ORCSShip and Shovell Pub & Restaurant
(Charing Cross, 1-3 Craven Passage, London WC2N 5PH)
24 Jun 2024ArrowsImperial College Union Bar
8 Jul 2024Perry Robbens BThe Libertine
(125 Great Suffolk St, London SE1 1PQ)
15 Jul 2024Moby And The DicksImperial College Union Bar
22 Jul 2024Ordinary PuntersSir Sydney Smith
(22 Dock St, Tower Hill, London E1 8JP)

…with the matches in the later half still to be determined.

The RCSA sponsors a prize for the team that wins the league. The prize is called ‘The RCSA Purse’, and you can read our announcement of the prize here…

The list of winners, though short, is included here…

RCSA Purse, Winter 2022/23ORCSORCS Win the SKADL League
RCSA Purse, Summer 2023Ordinary Punters‘Ordinary Punters’ Win the SKADL League
RCSA Purse, Winter 2023/24ORCSORCS, “Old Royal College of Science”, Victorious Again
RCSA Purse, Summer 2024t.b.a.

If you’d like to track the fortunes of our two teams, you can see the league standings (along with a tiresome number of adverts!) by clicking here…..