Outer Hebrides, Scotland Expedition

Eight students, including two PhD students from the Department of Mathematics, and two PhD students from Chemistry, have won the support of the RCSA Trust and of the IC Exploration Board for their Outer Hebrides, Scotland 2024 Expedition.

The students will spend three weeks in September 2024 with the objective of establishing new climbing routes on sea cliffs. This will involve rappelling into those sea cliffs, cleaning potential new climbing routes (with consideration to the local climbing ethics and wildlife preservation), climbing the routes and then cataloguing them for future climbers. Our students hope to demonstrate that adventure and personal development can be found within the UK, in a cost effective and ecologically friendly manner.

Our scientists will capitalise on the work of NatureScot, and are planning on taking part in their National Plant Monitoring Survey. A wonderful opportunity to take part in scientific activities during their rest days.

We wish our intrepid scientists the best of luck with their challenging expedition and look forward to reading their post-expedition report.

We’d like to thank the climbers Charlie, Ewanski and Sus of the Aberdeen Mountaineering Club for the climbs and for the photographs that inspired our students, and for permission to use their stunning photograph. To get a sense of scale peer closely and you’ll see the tiny blue dots are the three climbers.

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