Summer Dinner (and the No. 9 RCSU Newsletter)

What is the latest news from the students of the RCSU? Well, a look at their Newsletter Number 9 tells you the RCSU Science Challenge is upon us, and members with school-age children should know the deadline for submissions is imminent: 5pm on 26th April 2024. If any of your kids are getting involved, we wish them the best of luck. And remember, the 2024 RCSU Science Challenge includes ‘The RCSA Question’ is judged by RCSA President, Mike Munroe.

And you’ll read about a slew of other events that you might wish to put in your diary. The ‘Pride in STEM’ event on 11th June, for example. But most excitingly GRAB YOUR TICKET ASAP for our end of year black tie dinner, held jointly by the RCSA and the RCSU,. It will be taking place on 1st June at the most fabulous De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden. Alumni tickets cost £70 each and can be purchased by clicking here…. (you can create an account here…. or click on the head and shoulder avatar at top right. There are a few ‘trip hazards’ so check out our top tips here….).

Finally, there is a news about the new RCSU branded hoodies available here…..

Anyone interested in further information, or if you’d like a glimpse at the RCSU Easter (No. 9) Newsletter, you can achieve both by clicking here.