Glittering and Steamy Night in West London!

What an evening!? The dust is only just settling after the fantastic joint RCSA and RCS Motor Club (RCSMC) dinner at the London Museum of Water and Steam (LMWS) last Saturday evening 23rd March. A lively group of students, alumni, faculty and guests gathered for the RCSA 116th and the RCSMC 69th anniversary dinners for what was in all likelihood their first ever joint dinner! The venue itself was spectacular with the largest collection of steam engines in the world as well as associated historical displays forming the backdrop for an evening of fine food, fine wines and scintillating conversation followed by two very entertaining guest speakers! Some of the steam engines were operational during the event as well, adding to the atmosphere (quite literally!!)

The Dean of RCS (or Dean of FoNS if you want to be terribly modern), Professor Richard Craster was in attendance with his wife Bernadette and he provided a delightful insight into his undergrad and postgrad days studying maths at Imperial. His talk included a reference to his scientific paper on the Mathematics of Darts which had the members of the RCSA darts team in the audience frantically making notes on napkins! The Dean led a toast to the RCS and the RCSA at the end of his speech.

Our second guest speaker was Richard Albanese the LMWS Project Manager who enthralled us with tales from the early days of water management in London and he displayed an encyclopedic knowledge of the steam engines in his care.

It was a great evening and reminded us all of the importance of these events in bringing students and alumni together socially and and in allowing the process of natural mentoring take its course.

For a few, the evening ended with an impromptu trip on Jez to the excellent Express Tavern situated next door to the museum. Nightcaps were enjoyed before heading home happy and content after another top-drawer RCS event. If you missed this one, make sure you don’t miss any more. Keep an eye on for news and if you are not already a member of the Association, join up here…..

All RCSA events, including this fabulous Annual Dinner, are held in support of the RCSA Trust and any surplus funds will be donated to our very deserving Trust. But the donation from this event will be small, so if attending put you in a charitable mood, or if you couldn’t attend and feel you would like to put the cost of the dinner to a good cause, please consider a donation to the Trust. You can use one of the many links on the Trust page.

You can see some photographs from the evening taken on an early 1900s field camera in Members’ News….