New Executive Officers

We are pleased to announce our tweaked executive line-ups following the AGM on 6th February. You’ll see there is only one ‘new’ face, .

The team at the helm of the RCSA now consists of:

  •     PRESIDENT: Mike Munroe
  •     DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Steph Ward
  •     HONORARY SECRETARY (General): Oscar Farrell
  •     HONORARY SECRETARY (Membership & Communications): Jim Sarsfield
  •     HONORARY TREASURER: Andy Needham

And the team at the helm of the RCSA Trust now consists of:

  •     CHAIR OF MANAGEMENT BOARD: Jim Sarsfield (who will also act as Secretary)
  •     DEPUTY CHAIR OF MANAGEMENT BOARD: Andy Needham (who will also act as Treasurer)

Steph, our Deputy President may be better known to some of you by her maiden name of Steph Snell. We put the word ‘new’ in quotes because she was, of course RCSU Entertainments Committee Chairman for 1987/8, RCSU President for 1988/9, RCSA Membership Secretary 1993/4, and RCSA Honorary Secretary and RCSA Trust Secretary for 1994/8. We welcome her back with the greatest of enthusiasm.

To get in touch with us, you can find our contact details on the ‘contact’ page and on the ‘people’ page, and we very much look forward to hearing from you.