Supporting Students (quite literally!)

Did you know that for about a decade those lovely Jez mechanics of the RCS Motor Club have been repairing bar stools from the Union Bar that have become broken in the line of duty ?

It’s true! Those stools might look a bit run-of-the-mill and utilitarian, but far from it! Sourcing stools that can withstand the rigours of the Union Bar is not a trivial matter. They need to be exceedingly hard-wearing and are hugely more expensive than you might expect.

So when they break, do you suppose they get thrown away? Not on your Nellie! They get whisked away to the Jez Garage where the hunt begins for suitable materials to effect a repair. Usually, in some skip or other on campus, the Jez mechanics will spy a worn-out table, or similar hunk of discarded wood. After thirty minutes on a lathe in the hands of an expert wood-turner, the hunk is transformed into a spindle perfectly matching the stool’s existing spindles. Bound up with wood glue and kept in clamps overnight, and the stool is ready to be sealed, and returned to the Bar for active service.

But what happens when no suitable wood can be found? Well, it can be tricky. The stool can hang around for weeks waiting for suitable donor material, or the Jez mechanics might be tempted to use a bit of inferior wood… a piece of pine, for example, when what is really needed a piece of slow-growing wood such as oak or maple or teak.

And that is where your ever supportive RCSA have jumped in. Knowing how fond our members are of the Union Bar, we have supplied the Jez garage with copious quantities of seasoned oak dowel of various diameters together with sufficient waterproof wood adhesive and quality oil-based wood sealer to last for very many years.

Your RCSA really does support students from top to bottom.

(if you like the support we offer to our students why not help us do more? Consider making a donation to the RCSA Trust here. With no staff and no building costs you can be assured that every penny of your donation will be gratefully received and faithfully applied to assist the students of the Royal College of Science).