CEP and the RCSA

The name, ‘The Centre for Environmental Policy’ or CEP for short, came into existence eighteen years ago in 2005, but its history can be traced all the way back to 1976 and the formation of ICCET – the Centre for Environmental Technology. So, a mere fifty years too late, we think it is about time we formally welcomed all CEP students, alumni and staff into the RCSA.

CEP is a postgraduate-only department which focuses on the interface between science and policy in key environmental subjects, through interdisciplinary study of science, technology and innovation. There are several such interdisciplinary groups within College, but CEP was the first, and it sits firmly within the Royal College of Science (or FoNS if you prefer modern parlance) and we are immensely proud of what they are achieving and the work they do.

This is how CEP describe themselves:

The Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) is a unique interdisciplinary Department in the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Imperial College conducting policy-focused fundamental and applied research to solve environmental and sustainability issues.

Environmental policy safeguards our natural world. It provides tangible and measurable strategies for government, corporations, other public and private organizations, and individuals to plan for a future in which people and nature can thrive together.

The Centre for Environmental Policy works at the interface between science/technology and policy, to understand complex scientific issues and co-create solutions for real-world environmental challenges.

The Centre for Environmental Policy

We have never refused a membership application from the CEP, or excluded them from RCSA events and we have regularly considered their applications for funding through the RCSA Trust, so not much in reality will change, it is just pleasing to finally see CEP’s position within the RCS clearly and transparently recognised by the RCSA, their traditional alumnus association.

We look forward to continuing to serve everyone from the CEP, and to serve you all better.