RCS Motor Club ‘Run From Imperial’

The RCSA are pleased to support this RCS Motor Club initiative with some much-needed start-up funding. The run came about as the London to Brighton vehicle rallies are suspended for the foreseeable future. The Coronation has clashed with this year’s date, and none of the traditional mustering points are suitable now they find themselves within the ULEZ low emission zone. Whilst the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society (HCVS) work out a solution, the RCS Motor Club has filled the gap with a rally of its own.

It’s called ‘The Run from Imperial’ and will start from Harlington (which is outside the ULEZ) and will take place on the 29th of April, to the Rural Life Living Museum at Farnham and back. Bring your own car, or ride on Jezebel and/or Clementine! The run might become an annual affair, at least until the HCVS sort themselves out, and may well continue even after their London-Brighton rally is re-instated.

All the entrants receive a commemorative ‘rally plaque’, and a bottle of bubbly awaits the prize-winning entrant (though the judging criteria are yet to be finalised).

The Schedule is as follows:

  • 07:30 Jez, Clem, and Minibus set off from South Ken to Harlington.
  • 08:30 Tea and pastries at Harlington.
  • 09:00 Run officially starts from Harlington to Farnham.
  • 11:00 Rest stop, probably somewhere near Bagshot.
  • 12:00 arrive at The Rural Life Living Museum, the Run officially ends.
  • 12:00 – 16:00 Enjoy the museum.
  • 19:00 – 21:00 Dinner at a Pub or something similar on the way back to London.
  • 23:00 Jez, Clem, and Minibus get back to South Kensington.

Tickets available at: https://www.imperialcollegeunion.org/shop/csp/rcs-motor-club/run-imperial

At the Museum there should be plenty of time to wander around and see their exhibits. Our rally coincides with their ‘Village at war’ event, so along with their Dennis N-type, the light railway, and countless other exhibits there will be WW2 era military history too.

We hope to see some of you there.