William RANDERSON Awards

We are delighted to launch the William RANDERSON Awards for RCS Union officers.

These awards are made automatically to nominated officers of the RCS Union and of the RCS Motor Club to assist them with the additional expense incurred in discharging their duties.

These awards were presented for the first time this year (the 2022/23 academic year), and are named for the late William Randerson, who was studying Chemistry in the Royal College of Science 100 years ago. He was RCSU Hon Sec in 1921/22 and was RCSU President in 1922/23. He was instrumental in instigating the ‘22 Club of which he became a founder member and was ’22 President for 1924-25. William worked tirelessly for the RCSA and was a significant contributor to many issues of The Record. We are happy to remember Will’s long and dedicated service to RCSU, Imperial College, the ’22 Club, and of course to the RCSA.

(This award is modelled on the ‘John Elliott Bursaries’ of the Old Centralians Trust, which has been a successful scheme, supporting union officers for many decades. We would like to acknowledge the assistance given to us by the CGCA and by the Old Centralians Trust in this matter. )

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