The First Annual RCS Convention – Thursday 14th September at Imperial College London

I would like to invite you to come along to some or all of the first Convention of the RCS “family”. In our draft strategy being presented at the RCSA AGM, I am seeking to foster stronger connections between our natural friends, allies and champions from across the University – the faculty staff, our student clubs and organisations, the Imperial College Alumni Department, alumni generally and create or re-establish links between us all. So, as an RCSA member, if you have time to pop along at some point in the afternoon or evening, there is a good networking opportunity.

I would be grateful if you could indicate which parts of the day you would like to attend by registering here. There is also a general overview of the day there too.

The event is informal all the way until the AGM formal meeting itself, I believe it will bring the start of new and exciting connections from across Imperial College London.

From 2:30pm in the Seminar & Learning Centre (SALC) room 2, there is a (limited) buffet working lunch. The room only can accommodate 16 but I am keeping my options open should we have a surge in registrations and the call of a free lunch wins! From 2:30pm until 4pm the sessions are free-form and there for networking and making new connections. It will be loosely facilitated by myself and other RCSA committee members.

At 4pm, there is a presentation by the Director of Alumni Relations to the incoming executive officers of the RCSA and the student reps from RCSU and ICU. If you are not attending this, I suggest having a wander around the campus and making your way to Beit Quad from starting of the AGM reports at 6pm (followed by the AGM itself at 7pm). STOP PRESS: The Dean, Professor Tom Welton will be attending to meet members between 6:30pm and 7pm!

Please note that due to repair and restoration works, the Union Bar is closed and the meeting point will be sign-posted on the day – this is likely to be the ground floor bar known as 5-6-8. The AGM itself will take place in Meeting Room 3, in the top floor of the ICU building.

RCSA Website – all papers for the AGM and other items will be available from midnight tonight at – they have previously been sent to members four weeks ago. We are taking this opportunity to clean not just the website, but also our data – and we have recently updated our registration with the Information Commissioner.

– Robert John Park, RCSA President