AGM Papers

The papers for the AGM and supporting documentation, including for the short post-AGM Committee meeting to appoint sub-committees and members to the Board of Management of the Charitable Trust can be read and viewed here.

RCSA Rules updated September 2017

Details of the 2017 AGM:

The AGM was held on 14 September at Imperial College Union, Beit Quad.

In our draft strategy presented at the RCSA AGM, we sought to foster stronger connections between our natural friends, allies and champions from across the University – the faculty staff, our student clubs and organisations, the Imperial College Alumni Department, alumni generally and create or re-establish links between us all.

AGM Papers and Helpful Documents

  1. Agenda, Minutes, Rule Amendments and Resolutions
  2. Strategy to 2022
  3. RCSA Rules updated September 2017 (approved by AGM)
  4. Charitable Trust Deed (1990) and Deed Supplemental (2005)
  5. ICO Registration Entry Details
  6. Bye-Law on Data Protection
  7. Bye-Law on Expenditure
  8. Bye-Law on Distance Voting
  9. Bye-Law on Membership Fees
  10. 170914 03 – Bank Mandate
  11. 170914 E16 – Sparkes Cup support request to committee 20170613
  12. 170914 E05 – Committee Minutes 14-06-16

Other news of interest:

We will soon activate a way that you can request a replacement (or new) membership card. The RCSA Membership Card will enable you to provide valid identification to access ICU and other facilities at College.

The pre-launch of the Government’s T-Levels (technical levels) has resulted in the RCSA being approached by officials for us to ask our members in business to join panels of professionals. More details when we have it for the next round of panel recruitment.

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