Executive Officers

Mo Dulloo
Deputy President
Nas Andriopoulos
Honorary Secretary
Stephen Ball
Honorary Treasurer
Duncan Robertson


Biochemistry Rep
Biology Rep
Jenny Morgan
Chemistry Rep
Dr. Stephen Robinson
Mathematics Rep
Brendan Molloy
Physics Rep
David Legg
2007-17 Reps
Jasper Stassen
Oscar Farrell
Ordinary Members
MC Blackett
Steve Cumbers
Chris Kaye
John Sanderson
Jim Sarsfield
Simon Torn
Immediate Past President
Rob Park
Past Presidents (observer status)
Keith Arundale
Dr. Digby James
Mrs Caroline Nuttall
Honorary Vice Presidents (observer status)
Piers Corbyn
Prof. Maggie Dallman
Michael New OBE
Trevor Phillips OBE
Dr. Alan Redman
Prof. Tom Welton
The Lord Fox
Karen Bradley PC MP

Trustees of the Charity

The following are the current trustees of the RCSA Trust:

  • David Legg 1.
  • MC Black 1.
  • Robert Park 2.
  • Duncan Robertson 3.
  • Stephen Ball 3.
  • Tom Welton 4.
  1. appointed as members of the board of management and then by the board as secretary and chairman respectively, both as trustees
  2. appointed by the office of the president of the Royal College of Science Union on behalf of the students’ union
  3. ex-officio trustees as treasurer and secretary of the Royal College of Science Association, the ‘parent’ body
  4. ex-officio as office holder of Dean of the Royal College of Science viz Dean of the Faculty of Natural Science at Imperial College London